“I can’t stand it any longer…I have to get out! Whatever made me agree to such an arrangement? I must have been insane,” I muttered.

Well, I confess it wasn’t his idea; it just crept up on us, meeting together a few days a week. It seemed innocent enough. However, I suspected from the beginning our rendezvous was a mistake and probably would end in disaster.

It all began when I started dating my husband’s computer. Soon, I needed more and more time with it. I needed my own computer. My husband jumped to comply (no doubt to have me out of his hair). With no more scheduled appointments, I could write to my heart’s content. I was delighted as a child with a found bag of candy.

It wasn’t long before exhilaration gave way to exasperation. Our back-to-back chairs collided like bumper cars, his normally pleasant whistling became a screeching siren in my ears. The constant, “Honey, look at this,” threatened my creative muse. I grew desperate for my own space. We needed to part ways. Not a divorce, just a separation…an office separation.

Where could I squeeze in another office? I had only a guest bedroom, a hall and a bathroom to consider. “If I use the guest room and company comes, there  will be no separateness for them or me. The hall lacks privacy, and the bathroom…zero possibility,” I reasoned with myself.

Finally, after much prayer, agonizing and analyzing, I took a double take at the diminutive closet in the guest bedroom. My mind began to whirl. Although it was only six feet by five feet…it could hold a small computer desk, work table and numerous shelves.

“Eureka! My new office!”

My husband was astounded. “It’s too small! You’ll get claustrophobia,” he said, shaking his head.

Ignoring his daunting warning, I employed him to partner with my endeavor. Thinking me a bit daffy, he finally agreed to help. Out went closet rods and lower shelving and in went new shelves, track lighting and wallpaper…not ordinarry wallpaper. I tore pages of a novel with numerous vintage drawings from a one-hundred-year-old book and pasted them on the wall.

“Now,” I mused, “I’ll never get bored. I can read the walls when procrastinating.”

Up went cork boards for notes, a dry erase board to remind me of whatever, and a scattering of family pictures.

My new office is perfect. I love its simplicity: warm and cozy and everything with-in arm’s reach. I don’t feel a bit hemmed in, and I can slide the door closed when company comes, hiding my mess.

Yes, my husband and I still rendezvous, but not with computers.

Ahhh…a writing room of one’s own. Pure bliss…

“Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart; so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel.” Proverbs 27: 9 (KJV).

Note: I recently moved, and now have a “real” office: a large sunny room with a lovely view outside, a nice desk, and lots of shelves. I enjoy it very much. But, believe it or not, I miss the coziness of my old friend; my pocket-sized office. Sometimes, less is best.