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My New Barbie House

October 30th, 2015|

It’s been one year since down-sizing into an 1,100 square foot town home. I call it our Barbie house. You would think after several garage sales and donating a LOT to the thrift stores, friends and family, I wouldn’t have anything left to get rid of. Fat chance! I am still purging.

It wasn’t long ago […]

Good News

June 11th, 2015|

Good news. I will be volunteering as a Life Coach again, at the Good News Community Health Center in Portland, Oregon ( . This is a non-profit Christian medical clinic providing excellent physical, mental, and spiritual care to the underserved with the love of Christ. What a wonderful opportunity to serve the community. I want […]


June 8th, 2015|

Hi everyone

It seems I haven’t posted in years. Well, it’s been four years. I have been derailed. I have been my husband’s care giver (he had a stroke) this past four years, and other encounters have kept me away from the keyboard. I am happy to start posting again.

Change of subject: I was giving directions […]

Garden Tour Sept, 2010

September 6th, 2010|

My daughter and I were celebrating her birthday by going on a garden tour in Sandy. When we arrived at the first garden, no one was around! I soon discovered the tour was going to be held the following week. Sigh . . .

We left and continued up the mountain (Mt. Hood) to locate a […]

A Series of Not So Comical Events

July 15th, 2007|

It always happened at church___indecent exposure! The first time it happened I was horrified. The second time it happened I thought hmm. The third time it happened I thought there was some kind of conspiracy going on. It all started one Sunday . . .

I was enjoying the worship music when something caught my attention. […]

Is It A Sin To Hide From Incredibly Boring People?

July 12th, 2007|

“Is it a sin to hide from incredibly boring people?” I mumbled, walking back to the house. Mrs. Smith (not her real name) had gotten into her car and driven away. A few minutes earlier, she saw me working in the yard and stopped to chat. If I had seen her coming, I would have […]

A Writing Room of One’s Own

July 1st, 2007|

“I can’t stand it any longer…I have to get out! Whatever made me agree to such an arrangement? I must have been insane,” I muttered.

Well, I confess it wasn’t his idea; it just crept up on us, meeting together a few days a week. It seemed innocent enough. However, I suspected from the beginning our […]

I Was A Stranger and You Invited Me In

March 1st, 2006|

What was I doing in this curious place? I thought, sitting in my car. Grave markers marched out of step, tilting like bending trees in the wind. Grass grew wild, crawling over flat markers as toppled vases with wasted flowers lay forlorn.

The wind howled and whipped around the car, rolling it like a boat lost […]

From Here to Eternity

March 1st, 2006|

Saying Goodbye to Hershey
“The Lord is my shepherd…”1

Her name was Hershey. She was eleven years old.

The dreadful morning had arrived…the morning to put our beloved Rottweiler down; the morning to let her go; the morning to free her of all her suffering and pain; the morning to start with her on her journey from […]