Restructuring your Life After Sexual Assault

Many Women are Waiting for Help. Maybe you are Too

The statistics are startling: it is estimated that 28 million children (60 to 90 percent girls) will be sexually abused within the next decade, and that over 900,000 women in America will be raped. Studies show that 12 to 38 percent of women have experienced sexual abuse. Unfortunately, sexual abuse does not go away, and either does the aftermath. It is out of this concern that Leila Rae Sommerfeld has written Beyond Our Control.

In Beyond our Control, Leila Rae Sommerfeld shares her own story of recovery after rape to give victims hope and encouragement to overcome the emotional scars associated with sexual abuse. Her reservoir of empathy and bonus material (including questions and appendices), Beyond Our Control is the perfect book to share the hopeful message that new life is possible…and it is within reach. Through her story and the stories of other survivors, you will discover:

  • The three levels of victimization
  • Taking care of yourself
  • Perpetrator’s stories
  • Other women’s stories
  • Post traumatic stress
  • Myths about rape
  • Emotional & spiritual growth
  • Coping skills
  • Assertiveness & safety
  • Where is God is all of this

Beyond our Control: Restructuring Your Life after Sexual Assault (Kregel) will help women discover they can heal from the aftermath of sexual assault, and God can create new life in them.

“Simply done, addressing major components of recovery. Suggestions are practical, realistic, and hopeful for women facing the life-changing trauma of rape.” ...Larry Day, Ph. D., author of Self-Esteem: By God’s Design

“Beyond Our Control brings hope and healing to hurting humanity.” …Judy Boen, prison chaplain, founder/director of Captive Hearts

“An important resource for friends, counselors, pastors, and those wanting to help women recover from the aftermath of rape.” ...Bettie P. Mitchell, L.P.C., M. R., founder/director of Good Samaritan Ministries International. Beyond Our Control: Restructuring Your Life after Sexual Assault (Kregel Pub.) Order this life changing book through Amazon. $13.95

beyond_the_bridge_of_time_coverBEYOND THE BRIDGE OF TIME


Is it possible to find the ancient Garden of Eden and live to tell about it? Hadia believes it is. She has a secret map, guarded by every generation of her family since the time of Adam. When her father is brutally murdered by “Destroyers,” this headstrong young woman sets out to fulfill a tradition usually carried out by the eldest son. Her misson is two-fold: find Eden and take revenge on her father’s murderers.

Hadia’s anger, resentment, and unforgiveness toward her father’s murders, her dying mother’s secrete and men in general left her seriously doubting God’s unfailing love for her. On her search for the ancient Garden of Eden a mysterious man name Jude appears, offering to guide her and her troop across the Valley of Tremble; he seems to know all about her.

Accompanied by her sister Phares, her younger brother Levi, and Tobias…a young man who safeguards their way…Hadia discovers incredible wonders along the way, like hidden jewels and wild horses. She and her “Troop” also face terrifying dangers such as giants, dragon birds, sinkholes, and man-eating plants. In addition, an evil presence haunts their path. Hadia begins to question her wisdom in embarking on such a dangerous journey.

When the band is rescued by three strangers who join their quest, Hadia encounters the unexpected: who is the young girl accompanying these men? Can she be her little brother’s long-lost twin sister?

It’s on the trail to Paradise that Hadia surrenders her heart to God after seeing love and forgiveness in action. Hope found its way into her heart, changing her forever.

Order this historical fantasy now (Deep River Books Pub.). through Amazon $13.95


The Wounded Heart, Dan Allender. For adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Freda Emmons, Flame of Healing.  A daily journal for healing from abuse and trauma.

Recovering from Rape, Linda E. Ledray. In-dept information about rape and to recover.

No Longer Alone, Sallie Culbreth. Rising above childhood sexual abuse.