Many women are waiting for help,

Maybe you are too.

pond-liliesThe Coaching for Healing Course includes six one-hour phone sessions, once a week with Leila Rae. You will use Leila Rae’s award winning book, Beyond Our Control: Restructuring your life after Sexual Assault (Kregel) to help you heal from the aftermath of rape/sexual assault.

The Coaching for Healing Course presents an opportunity to weave another piece of healing work into your soul. The healing rests upon us, and how much we heal determines the quality of the rest of our lives. Healing is a choice and a way of life . . . It’s about Taking Back Control.  It doesn’t matter if you were sexually assaulted as a child, or if you were assaulted yesterday . . . evil can be destroyed, its wreckage left behind. God can create new life in you. It is possible, and it is within reach.

Leila Rae will listen without judgment while you share honestly and openly, and then celebrate with gratitude your strengths and the ability to survive that which many did not.

It’s never too late to find healing, and it’s never too late to become the woman you were meant to be.

Having overcome a failed marriage, rape and an assortment of other ‘encounters of the awful kind,’ Leila Rae’s reservoir of empathy gives women hope and encouragement to overcome the emotional scars associated with sexual abuse. While presented in a Christian framework, all women are welcome and respected regardless of sexuality, race, creed, or nationality.

Cost: $79 Book not included. Order book through Amazon

The Coaching for Healing Course is for education and inspiration and does not constitute mental health treatment, legal advice or counseling. Individuals desiring deeper therapeutic help are advised to seek out a mental health professional.