O Woman of Another Time

O Woman of another time, I found you weeping,
Waiting to be rescued from the terrible evil,
After tasting forbidden fruit, which caused The Fall,
Making the Son die to save us all.

O weeping woman, your legions fled,
Cast into the sea of dead
Thy accuser, he whom your soul reviled,
The Son of God did trample on.
O weeping woman, chains broke at last, the
the strongholds of your past
Endued with peace secured with truth
Beneath His wings of Love
Kissed with mercy and held by grace,
Someday you shall see Him face to face

—– Leila Rae Sommerfeld

If only wisdom, in the winter of life, could have been used
In the spring of youth, how different it might have been.
— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

The Intruder

How was I to know, before the dawn
That my life would never be the same
That the safety I once felt inside my fortress
Walls would be shattered like splintered glass
Cutting deep into my soul, leaving mortal pain
Carving fear into my heart
You, stranger in the night, intruding into my very
Being, consuming all my peace, crushing my spirit
Filling me with terror, I will never be the same

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

O’ little one, it is I who wept when evil came your way.
I hung your pain around My neck and nailed it to The Cross.

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

A Prayer

Heavenly Father God, I come to you with all that I am
I stand unveiled before You asking for restoration.
Only You know the dept of my pain, only You can heal
The sorrows of my past. Gather me with tenderness under
Your wings. Shed light upon my face that I might feel
Your presence and gather strength. Quiet my soul so I might
Hear Your small, still voice whisper Your eternal message of
Love. Guide me towards new pathways that lead to joy,
Healing and forgiveness . . .

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

Broken Vessel

I hid inside myself, my heart ached so
Long my soul I thought was dead,
A broken vessel weeping bitter tears.
But You O Holy One never left my side.
You healed my Heart, restored my soul
through the passing years . . .

Dear God

Dear God
I can’t do it
You can do it
I don’t know how
I’ll teach you
Show me
I am

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

The Dream

I saw you, shabby, unkempt, drifting
with no purpose. You saw me, and was
drawn only to meet my resistance

We became friends, you loving me, I
kept my distance. Then one day
transformed, you shabby one
became lovely and grand

My heart knew I had loved you all
along. I was afraid to let you near
Now I reach out only to find you gone
Where are you, the one for whom I long

Were you just a dream or a
kaleidoscope of fragments from the past
Were you really real? Maybe not
Then why does my heart ache when you
appear in the twilight of my sleep

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

The Canopy of Heaven

Under the canopy of heaven He rides
chariots of clouds pulled by the
wings of the wind, gliding the morning
skies, scattering jewels of Love,
Mercy and Grace
Surrounding His people now and
forever more

Under the canopy of heaven, curtains of
the night draws close. He hangs the lamp
of the moon and chandeliers of stars
The God of heaven and earth rides
Take refuge in the shelter of His tent
The glory of the Lord endures forever

… — Leila Rae Sommerfeld

Should You Come For Me

We were to meet, you know
You said you’d come for me
down by the gate
But only vapors
dance and vanish in the midst
Maybe you’re just late

Stillness fills the air
as night hangs heavy on
I listen for your voice
and strain my eyes
hoping to see
the shadow of
your being reaching
out to me

We were to meet, you know
But you are nowhere to be found
So I’ll hang my heart
upon the gate should you come
for me

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

Mourning Bird

Oh little bird floating free
in the air, thou hit the glass
hurling thee to the ground

Thou mate close upon, taking
wing lifted thee, and like a
chariot in the sky, soared
off to lay thou at rest
and mourn thy loss

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld

Captive Heart

The door to my prison heart I firmly locked,
allowing no one inside, I hid the key away.
My spirit crushed, I only wanted to hide.

The one day, I heard a knock at the door of my
captive heart. A soft voice whispered, “May
I come in and mend your broken heart?”

I opened the door a tiny crack and saw Jesus
standing there. His eyes shone bright, His hand
reached out. Does He really care?

I pushed open the door a little bit more and slowly
took His hand. He smiled at me, and then He said,
“I’ve come to set you free.”

I wasn’t sure I could trust this Jesus of Galilee, but
I so wanted to. With my heart in my hand and
hope in my soul, I finally gave Him my key.

— Leila Rae Sommerfeld