Fear & Loss of Safety

The healing process begins by feeling safe. You can begin to feel safe by changing your environment and by changing your thoughts and behaviors. How you’ll establish a sense of safety depends on the nature of your trauma. You’re the only one who knows what will make you feel safe.


Find out more at a Just Yell “FIRE” class (click picture to view safety movie)

Empowerment begins by taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Your traumatic experience left you feeling helpless in the face of danger. Feeling safe and secure is now your prime goal. Feeling safe will leave you comfortable with your emotions.

Establishing safety for your home might include improved locks for doors and windows, securing basement windows, removing overgrown shrubs near windows and doors, install a security system, having a cell phone by your bed, or even adopting a dog. At night, leave a couple of lights on inside, and leave porch lights on or install motion sensing lights that come on automatically. If your car keys has a beeper to find your car in a parking lot, leave them by your bed. If you think someone is trying to get into your house, sound the beeper. The honking of your car horn will scare the intruder away and alert your neighbors.

Other safety precautions may include parking as close to buildings as possible, and asking a fellow employee to walk you to your car after work when it’s dark.

Always maintain your car in good running order, avoid parking in dark, out-of-the-way places, and make sure your car always has at least a half tank of gas. Carry a HELP! CALL POLICE! banner in your car. Take a self-defense class.

View the Just Yell Fire safety video

There are many more safety precautions listed in Beyond Our Control.